Are the iPad and iPhone worth buying?

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The iPad and iPhone are huge parts of technology these days, as they have become extremely popular in the past 5 years. They are both made by Apple, an amazingly successful company. If you're considering buying one of these products, you might want to read this. The iPad and iPhone are both very expensive products, but if you buy one, expect quality.

Lets start with the iPhone. The iPhone has quickly become the most popular mobile or cell phone around. It is a smart phone taken to a whole new level. The iPhone 5s and 5c are the newest iPhone's to have come out. The iPhone 5s has one main new feature that has never been attempted in a smart phone before. It is a fingerprint sensor. This means that when you want to get into your phone, you no longer have to put in a pass code, you simply place your finger on the button, and it will let you in.

Obviously, you have to register your finger print, otherwise anyone could get into your phone! Pass code function is still available. The iPhone range from iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s all have a flash on the back. With an high-definition camera too, it is the perfect combination. The iPhone 5 and 5s are incredibly slim, judging on all the capabilities the phone has. You can easily browse the internet, download apps, listen to music, check your email through a direct app, check the weather, look at photos and so, so much more! It is the perfect phone for anyone, having so many capabilities.

There are three storage capacities you can choose from. 16gb, 32gb or 64gb. 16gb is the ideal amount of storage for anyone who is not intending to put too many things on their iPhone, or wants to go for the cheapest option. 32gb is a very flexible amount of storage. This is the most popular amount of storage, as it has enough space for a lot of apps and music. This option is also for people who can spend a little more money. Finally, 64gb is a very large amount of storage. for anyone who plans to use their phone a lot, and wants to put lots of things on their phone. It is also ideal for business men or woman. It is quite an expensive option, but ideal for the options listed. So that is the iPhone summarized, and is overall a great phone.

The iPad is in the tablet range. Beating all the other tablets in the range, the iPad is perfect for anyone and anything. It is useful for taking notes, business and surfing the web. The iPad is designed to be easy to use, thanks to its big screen. Surfing the web on an iPad is a joy, because it has a nice large touchscreen keyboard, and feels like you are on a computer. Playing games on an iPad is also much easier. There are even apps that have been build just for the iPad. With lots of screen space, it is very easy to take control of the iPad.

If you want something to browse the web on, that is nice and is so much smaller than a computer, then the iPad is for you. The iPad actually has four options for storage capacity. It is designed to hold more than the iPhone. The options are 16gb, 32gb, and 128gb. I would personally not recommend getting the 16gb model. It is not ideal, as you are probably going to need more space than that when using an iPad. But of course, if you have a budget, go for the 16gb model. The 32gb model is again really the perfect capacity, having enough space for the iPad to operate properly, while having a lot of space yourself.

The 64gb model is a lot of storage capacity for the iPad, meaning you can have a lot of apps, music and much more on it. Although if you want a comfortable storage capacity, and money isn't really an issue, I would go for this one. Finally the 128gb model is over what you need by far. This can be the ideal model for company's and your office. It really does have so much space, you can almost do anything you like on the iPad. Having almost endless capacity is amazing, and if you really do have money to throw away, I would go for this, if you want to feel comfortable with the capacity.

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