What is the best way to play Clash of Clans?

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There are many ways you can use to play Clash of Clans, but one way I'd recommend is by not paying too much in real money, as well as keeping your defense high. If you keep your defense high, then you won't lose trophies when raided by any enemies.

A good defense is a good offense, as they say. Build walls, and upgrade them, also build defensive structures, such as cannons. They attack the enemy when they raid you, thus helping defend your base as well as eliminating the enemy. Sounds easy, correct? Also, don't forget to also keep your offense high. By upgrading your barracks and upgrading your troops, you can then in turn successfully raid others, thus earning money, helping you keep up your defenses, earn trophies, and then build new troops.

If you have a shield when raided, I suggest you use it wisely, and do not attack when you have one. When you have a shield, no raiders can touch your base, so you can go ahead upgrading your buildings with no threat hanging over your head like a death sentence.

Clash of Clans is quite the interactive game: so I'd also recommend playing it whenever you have the time. It isn't exactly the type of game where you can just leave it for a few days, then come back and still have fun. It's a type of game where you'd have to play at least once a day, and keep up to date with your base. I recommend that you don't rush upgrading your buildings, as that wastes money, and you'll have less money for troops, which you'll need to earn more money. You should also upgrade your elixer collectors, as well as your gold mines. These rake in money for you, another way to earn money other than raiding.

I also recommend that when you rebuild your clan castle, that you make sure to join a good clan that actually donates worth while troops. Don't join a clan which only donates level one or two troops, make sure to join a clan that welcomes you and donates you at least level four or higher troops. Level three troops are also passable, but of course, level four or higher would be better. Also make sure to not upgrade all your defenses at once, for example upgrading all your cannons at the same time. Why, you ask? This is because then, if someone raids you, and all your cannons are being upgraded, then you would be defenseless, and no cannons to help keep away the enemy. They'd be able to get inside your base unhindered, with no fear of being killed or shot down by cannons. This is why you must not upgrade all your defenses at the same time.

Also, I recommend you upgrade your walls, BUT, do not waste too much money with them. Once you get to around level four or five walls, they start to get expensive, and it costs millions to upgrade all your walls. My last recommendation is that you make traps around your walls, such as spring traps, so when the enemies touch them, they die.

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